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Staying healthy in today’s world is hard – Sometimes you need some help!

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4th August 2016, Ultra Health Centre


cropped head shotLet’s begin to find out what’s really  making you ill, and begin to put things right

Sarah Firnberg is a highly qualified consultant nutritionist and Medical Herbalist, with many years experience.  She is fascinated by the underlying causes of disease, and enjoys exploring the unique challenges facing each new patient.

Why not get in touch with a highly qualified practitioner who will take the time to understand your unique symptoms and history.

Will this work for you?

  • Give me a call – tell me a bit about your problems to find out more about how I could help you.
  • Send me an email – I’ll get back to you as soon as I can
  • Read about The Benefits of this Approach below.
  • Read about the type of people who use this approach below.

Benefits of this approach

When you visit the clinic, you will benefit from

  • The time and attention needed to understand your unique health picture
  • A highly qualified and experienced practitioner
  • A long-term, rather than a “quick fix” approach.
  • A natural approach with minimal side effects
  • A multi-factorial approach, suited to today’s complex, chronic diseases.
  • Understanding of your medical history and any prescribed drugs you are taking.

People who use this approach

  • Suffer from a wide range of  problems, including, bowel issues, food intolerance, skin health, energy issues, anxiety, stress, weight management, hormone issues, immune and auto-immune issues, urinary tract health and many other chronic problems.
  • They realise that you need to address the underlying cause of disease if you are to overcome it.
  • They realise you need to be skeptical about information promoted by industries  more interested in lining their pockets, than your health

Herbal medicines and foods which humans have evolved alongside over thousands of years,  make safe and effective remedies.

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My Journey into Alternative Medicine

When I was around 28, I had an excellent job,  loads of energy, and a great social life –  that is, until I succumbed to a simple and common infection.  I had eighteen months of antibiotic treatment, but my symptoms gradually worsened, in fact, after 18 months,  I was in much worse shape than I had been to start with.  I was struggling to hold down my job and there was no question of a social life, so, in despair, I took matters into my own hands and started reading books on alternative medicine.

Well, I haven’t looked back!  The real light bulb moment for me was when I realised that many alternative approaches are concerned with addressing the underlying cause of disease, and not just treating symptoms – That seemed so obviously the right approach, that I was (and continue to be) amazed that it’s not the normal approach! Well, I have spent the past ten years or so following the research into nutrition and herbal medicine  (as reported in mainstream medical journals),   I am absolutely committed to helping people regain good health. Please get in touch if you would like to talk about how I could help you The Nutrition and Herbal Medicine clinic is based in Birmingham, UK. Skype consultations are available from any geographic location. Nutrition and Herbal Medicine has an enviable record for safety.  Only top quality mainly organic raw materials from UK producers are used. Sarah Firnberg BA(Hons), BSc, MNIMH, MCPP

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