Is this you?

Are you intelligent and pro-active? • Your health is declining. • You know that pharmaceutical drugs aren’t your only option. • You want advice from someone you can trust: o Someone really well qualified and experienced o Someone who can cut through the internet and media hype, to the evidence based facts. o Someone with real integrity, who is down to earth and empathetic. Realistic about what you need and what you can achieve. Please check out our workshops, 1-2-1 consultations and health programs and our blog.


Sarah Firnberg, Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Hi!  It’s good to see you here.

If you’re looking for some answers you’re in the right place.

Does this sound a bit like you? 

  • You’re intelligent and proactive. 
  • You’re approaching (or already in) middle age and worried about your long term health. 
  • You know that pharmaceutical drugs probably aren’t the best solution to your problems. 
  • You’re confused by the different approaches to drug-free medicine.  There is just so much information out there, it’s hard to know where to start. 
  • You’re searching for a practitioner you can trust.  Someone really well qualified, with many years experience.
  • You’re searching for a practitioner with real integrity and empathy.  Someone with a down to earth, realistic attitude and someone with absolute commitment to their profession.


  • You’re worried you’ll be asked to make too many changes.
  • That  it’s all going to cost a lot of money.
  • That it’s going to take a lot of time and effort.
  • That it’s not scientific.

My Mission

I’m determined to keep you zinging with optimum health and vitality through middle age and beyond. . . . way beyond . . .

I am a down to earth, realistic practitioner.  I don’t ask for perfection!  I work within your budget and available time, and I have absolute commitment to my profession and your health. 

There is SO much high quality, compelling evidence showing that many chronic diseases can be slowed down, or even reversed by addressing the following factors. 

  • Nutritional status
  • Lifestyle
  • Underlying health issues (eg toxicity, gut pathogens or chronic “stealth” viruses)

Functional Medicine Practitioners seek to do this thoroughly, systematically, and informed by the best evidence available. 

Over the many years I have been consulting with patients, I have developed a highly structured approach which is

  • Easy to follow
  • Step by step
  • Very thorough
  • Very tailored:  it’s important that I really understand you;  your background, your circumstances, what type of person you are. 

So, how do you get started?

Please chooses one or more of the following options.

  • Book into a “Journey to Long Term Health”  workshop  HERE 
  • Book into one of my scheduled workshops listed  HERE
  • Book a 1-2-1 consultation HERE