My Story

My Story

This is how it all started . . .

I was ill about 20 years ago. Very ill.

I saw doctors, hospital consultants and specialists, and I took the drugs they recommended . . . and I got sicker.

I felt I was losing my career, my friends, and ultimately even my life.

I was forced to look outside the mainstream for help, because I just wasn’t getting what I needed, so I explored a number of alternative therapies – this was at a time when alternative medicine was uncommon in the UK.   

Although the therapies varied considerably, they all had one thing in common:

“Don’t just treat symptoms, treat the underlying causes”

How obvious!

This was a real light bulb moment for me. Why would you want to address disease in any other way . . .?

. . . . and so began my long, arduous journey into good health for myself, and into gaining the qualifications, knowledge and experience I need to help others as effectively as possible.