90 Days to Better Health

All programs below are 90 day programs. Each program includes an extremely thorough assessment, followed by a really straight forward, easy, highly structured, step by step program, carefully tailored to your needs. In each case, the program is based on the most up to date, relevant clinical evidence.

All programs cost $600


Sadly, we live in a very toxic world, but fortunately, our bodies are incredibly good at removing toxins from our system, but it needs help. We need to help our liver, our bowels, our kidneys, our skin and our cells with supportive nourishment and stimulating herbs. [BOOK HERE]

Brain Health

How’s your short-term memory? If you have to pause before[= answering that question, the chances are, that like many people nowadays, you struggle from time to time with remembering names, or where you put your key down. Like other body systems, our brain needs nourishment. [BOOK HERE]

Re-charge Your Batteries

Renew your Energy and Vitality Discover the main obstacles to balanced, consistent energy and vitality. Find out what is robbing your energy, and put it right. [BOOK HERE]

Calmer and Happier

Sort out anxiety and low mood. There are any reasons why people commonly experience anxiety and low mood. Let’s find out your reasons, so we can put it right. [BOOK HERE]


The importance of good sleep to health can not be over emphasised, yet so many of us don’t get enough. [BOOK HERE]


Menopausal health, prostate health, endometriosis, thyroid health, PCOS [BOOK HERE]