Detox – 90 Days to feeling fantastic

Detox – 90 Days to feeling fantastic

How to Feel Fantastic in 90 Days!

A professional detox program can be one of the most effective strategies for rapidly improving the state of your health.

These days our bodies are assaulted by more toxins than ever before.  There are toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, our furnishings, clothes and furniture, the paint and fixtures in our house, household cleaning products,  our processed or intensively farmed foods, the cosmetics we put on our skin . . .   We just can’t get away from them.

Fortunately, our body is remarkably good at dealing with toxins . .  up to a point.  However, there are limits to what any of us can deal with, and as toxins gradually accumulate, you will experience more tiredness, possibly weight gdetox fruitain, unbalanced hormones, poor bowel and digestive health, insomnia, poor mental focus and low mood, and your appearance will suffer.

Your highly structured 90 Day Detox Program is tailored to your personal needs following an in depth assessment.  

The program is highly structured, making it easy to follow.  Everything you need to know and do will be presented in straight forward, bite sized chunks, which you can follow at your own pace.  You will receive support and encouragement every week.

Look forward to looking and feeling fantastic:
● Weight loss
● Clearer thinking
● More energy
● Radiant skin
● Sparkling eyes
● Better sleep
● Flexible joints
● Balanced hormones

How much does it cost, and what do I get?

  • $597
  • In depth assessment.  Your health history, present symptoms, mineral, vitamin and essential fat status, other clinical checks (such as blood pressure) as needed.
  • Your personal Detox Road map, with all the information you need, presented in easy, clear, bite sized chunks.
  • Weekly check ins.  We speak every week to make sure things are progressing smoothly.
  • Mid program, face to face re-assessment
  • End of program final assessment.
  1. NB, if there is a clear need for them, you may be recommended nutritional supplements or herbal medicine.  This cost is not included in the program price. 

How to get started

  1. Fill in my Confidential Assessment Form
  2. I will call you to make an appointment

What if you’re not sure?

  1. Fill in my preliminary assessment form
  2. I will call you for a free discussion of your needs, and how I can help.


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