Success Stories

Success Stories

Raj – Mood, energy, sugar craving:  Before I came to see you, I was all over the place. I felt I was stuck.  I had no energy, and my moods were up and down like a roller coaster, and my food cravings were manic.  I had no reservations about seeing you because you were recommended by someone I trust.  It felt really good working with you because you have a lovely calming balancing energy, and I felt really safe, protected and supported.  Now I feel fantastic, my sugar cravings have gone completely.  It’s the best!  I really look forward to seeing you and my energy has been really good.  I feel I can start moving forward – I’ve never felt this in the past, I’ve always been very pessimistic, but you make me feel optimistic.   Raj Begum, Sales Manager, Birmingham UK

Sabina – IBS:  “Thanks to Sarah, I have seen a rapid and dramatic improvement in my symptoms as well as an improvement in my IBS.  My life is now getting back on track.   Sabina Baker, Nurse, Birmingham UK

Simon – Insomnia, Low Energy:  Following an initial consultation with Sarah, she was able to quickly identify the root cause of my problems and advise on how to resolve them, and within two weeks, all the symptoms had gone, bringing me back to full health. I would have no reservation in recommending Sarah Firnberg to any friends or clients.  Simon Washbrook, Director Popcornmail,  Birmingham UK

Olive – Chronic urinary tract / bladder problems: Sarah is a wonderful, excellent teacher. She really makes you understand why you have these problems and how you can overcome them.  I feel fantastic now, for the first time in many years.  Thank you Sarah!   Olive Levi, Birmingham

Martin – Enlarged Prostate: Sarah has been advising me for fifteen years or more on alleviating (managing/controlling) the effects of a benign, enlarged prostate. I originally contacted her because, despite the prescription medicine I was taking, I was in some considerable discomfort. I was then in my late fifties and facing the prospect of surgery. Sarah immediately and with characteristic thoroughness set about asking me about my situation and the exact nature of my difficulties and then made detailed recommendations about diet, lifestyle and herbal medication.

The advice was holistic and wide ranging and what resulted was not only that the prostate crisis was brought under control but my general sense of well being, energy, focus and alertness were also markedly raised.

In the years since, Sarah has helped me through two or three repeated prostate crises, efficiently,
effectively and always with great sympathy. Over time and with her support, I have experimented
with her advice to gauge and balance what seemed to work best for my particular condition.
Throughout Sarah has been available to answer questions, make assessments and offer clear
explanations for any suggestions she has made. What has stood out throughout our consultations (and has consistently generated confidence) has been her professionalism and the obvious breadth of her knowledge, expertise and experience as a practitioner.

Over the years I have known her I have been (and remain) enormously grateful for Sarah’s
assistance. The effects of prostate problems can be both painful and depressing and I am deeply
indebted to her for helping me through what were occasionally some rather dark moments. I have
regularly recommended Sarah to friends and would have no hesitation at all in recommending her to anyone else who might ask.  Martin P, University Lecturer